First Blog Post

Hello, This is GeekyShacklebolt. Who is on the other side? Ah! wait, let Me guess who you are… Hmm… you seem to be an Internet lover, right? Yeah. I got you. you are My friend and most probably a very new one. Well, I like the healthy circle of friends. You are all welcome!

You know you are the one I have been waiting for. You must be wondering why? let me tell you then.

Actually, I am about to Begin my Voyage in the endless and deeper than depth Oceans of Software Development. And my ship that calls “Mozilla Tides” is standing at that shore of that “Technical River Bank”. Can you see that? Yes… you may. It’s actually floating upon that REST API ocean keeping right in front of your sight. But,

the Ship is actually rare of its own kind. It has a built-in background Gecko Engine nevertheless it has been built by a couple different metals, including my favorite Python, etc,. And of course the marvelous steal Web Framework of Flask or Django.

Rare on its own, it’s open and easy to control. Moreover, you can fix bugs if you found one or if wish and having capabilities of a Pro. Engineer, you may add a new feature to it as well.

And ask what? It has main mechanical Operating System of Linux.The complete ship is carefully built under a secure Integrated Development Environment. And I just love it!

So, here I GeekyShacklebolt asking you to accompany me on this voyage of learning new curves of streams, every next blog of mine would be a milestone in this journey towards the final goal. And you are cordially invited to read and share your knowledge and views.

Let’s go then, Ship is nearby waiting…

2 thoughts on “First Blog Post

  1. Here is your first passenger GeekyShacklebolt who is with you onboard and planning to travel the voyage too, hoping a great journey ahead.


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