Learn within days, why?

What I want to share sounds strange to some new Learners, but it is very much practical in our real life. And the best part is we never realize this, unless and until a clear picture of scenario going on in this very much real world than the one we get encountered in those theoretical textbooks kept in front of our eyes. What’s the point then?

“ This blog is what I have learned from and inspired by a fantastic article by Peter Norvig. Over Here. This is my review, note-making, and views about the same.”

Dear friend, well, wait… can I call you a friend? Nice, the point is the problem and a general, usual behavior of a common human being. And that is nothing but the habit of Learning Everything In so much Hurry. “Hurry” oh dear, What’s this hurry about? Don’t say that you think the content will vanish so early that you won’t be able to grasp if you take your time more enough.

Searching for the books like “learning ??? within days” is a common habit. Let’s take the example of Learning Programming Language, the subject very close to my heart. Searching for the books that will teach you any Programming language withing a short period of time is a common approach, but tell me honestly do you think Programming is that easy skill that you can learn and develop within couple of days? A big deny from my side. Programming is a healthy skill that is developed with quantity experience and quality hard-work. If you think that reading your “best content” about any new practically applicable approach you are learning will make you thorough with the subject. Then I am afraid, you are hardly mistaken.

Mastering any subject (like Particular Programming language) takes time. The time is estimated to be “10 years” for an average. But yes, this average is variable depending on the complexity of skill you are learning. Another criteria says that it takes you “10,000” hours of skill development to reach the master level for an ‘x’ skill. Again it is variable towards different approach.

For some Languages it is as huge as “15 years” for some it is less. But nonetheless, no Subject is as simple as to be taught and learn within days.

Never be in a hurry to learn anything. It’s not a race. Okay… okay , I think with this “race” word something just strike me. Are you living in a competitive environment. Where you want to learn everything pretty much early than your pears, for you may set yourself apart, well that’s good thought, But, Dear if you believe me it is very superfluous.

“Shallow learning is Injurious to health!” even if you are in a competitive circle. And learning everything little bit, might gain you confidence for having knowledge of different paradigms, but when you will step on The Real Industrial Stage, you will realize the how less you gathered.

Learn with Devotion and Passion : passion is must for you to cherish your learning curve. And Don’t rush yourself with all Subjects. Have a nice bond with them, just slow down your speed to gain the depth of knowledge.

Suppose there are two men, who were given the same field and were told to find Gold which was hidden beneath it, and they were allowed to take how much gold they would find . They were given a Shovel, and soon they set to work. Man ‘A’ went straight onto the field and started to work with his shovel. Man ‘B’ also selected a spot on the field and set to dig.

Man ‘A’ kept on changing his spot in hurry, soon if digging a few inches gave him no result. But Man ‘B’ had a different approach, he didn’t change his spot and kept on digging feet. A good time was spent , and guess what? Man ‘B’ has found the Gold Lot, but ‘A’ has hardly found something with him. So, what do you like to be, Man ‘A’ shallow approach, or Man ‘B’ in depth work out?

Now have a quick look at it.

While learning What are the recommended steps to take-

1. Get Interested: Interest is must for happy Learning, you must be passionate about your goal.

2. Learn by doing: Theoretical knowledge is must for base foundation but actual experience comes with doing your work practically. Getting encountered with On Work challenges that are hard to find in books.

3. Have a healthy friend circle: Company of the pears who have common passion makes the learning to be more effective and efficient. Select your friends wisely.

4. Indulge in a course for deeper understanding, and Mentor’s guiding.

5. Work on projects with others and after its development.

6. Enhance your skill set: Suppose if you are an IT guy then learning 5 – 6 programming languages would be recommended.

Which Programming Language to select?

If you are 1-9 yrs old : Alice/ Squeak/ Blocky could be nice choice

and if you are above 9: Python, Scheme, JS are preferable

Well Have a good day then, see ya!

Catch you on my next blog… (probably if you wish to continue). This, is GeekyShacklebolt

bidding you goodbye!

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