Day: August 1, 2017

Introduction to Linux Terminal

Introduction to Linux Terminal

Ever thought of a computer without a mouse or a touchpad? No? If no? Then why? Is there a way to operate a computer without that small sweet little device called mouse? Hmm… topic for me seems to be very interesting indeed!

The mouse was really a next level invention using which any New user can easily give commands to that Operating System, to carry out the user’s required task. But a mouse is a learning utility using which operating on a GUI become more feasible for a newcomer.

But you, are not a Newbie ( that’s why you are reading this article ), right? Then let’s take a step forward towards a more professional approach to operating a computer system without a mouse. Learning which, you would be able to operate a Linux operated computer with merely thy Keyboard and believe me, once you would be comfortable with command line terminal, You would be able to operate your machine more easily than a mouse. Then without wasting a second, Let’s go to Linux Terminal. Continue reading “Introduction to Linux Terminal”