Day: August 3, 2017

Git Github Tutorial (1)

Git Github Tutorial (1)

Well, well well, you are all welcome! Once again, But…

Today…, My fingers are trembling my friends, please don’t say it is just because of ‘I am typing’, but it is actually on the account of what I am going bring to practice with this “Topic” of “git” and “version control” I am gonna bring Sirius Black (Harry Potter’s godfather) in this tutorial.

But before I actually begin with the topic, I would like to discuss a couple of issues with you. So, shall I ask you a question now? Well okay, Tell me have you ever been part of a project with the team? Any one, It may be a school project, or a university project, or a self-assigned experimentation one. If yes, then my next shoot to you, Had the project been developed within a single attempt of writing code, documentation, etc.? ( don’t think I am out of my mind today I gonna sweep these points within the topic, soon right here ). No, I surely can say that no project is just as simple as to be accomplished in a single attempt. Therefore, we work hard continuously over several days, weeks, depends on the complexity of the project to achieve its success.

But What if you want to keep the version control of each day, keep the track of each change, keep the track of who changed what, who added/removed what, what added/removed when and that too with the minimum possible memory usage and efficient security? Hmm?

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing for this onus complex job none other than the fantastic concept of “Version Control Using Git!”. Continue reading “Git Github Tutorial (1)”