How to install Ubuntu using a bootable USB pen drive?

Hello Once Again!
This Blog is in continuation with my previous one so if you haven’t read that. It is recommended that first, you have a look at this “How to make a Bootable pen drive using Rufus”.

– Once you have a Bootable device (pen drive in this tutorial having “iso” image of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or any other version) and a suitable computer. You are all set to install Ubuntu on your machine. How? let’s see…

Before you start installing Linux, I strongly recommend to take the backup of valuable data you have in your system. This is because I have seen many people which find installing Linux somewhat difficult, and do something which crashes their previous OS and their data with it. Though you have tools like testdisk, photorec, etc. but still, why to make a job complex? To be on safer side, do backup the data if you can.


1. Open the computer with the bootable pen drive and it will show you two options. a) Try Ubuntu b) Install Ubuntu


// go for install Ubuntu. (you must have free space available on your hard disk about 15 GB). then

2. Select LanguageInstallUbuntu2

3. Tick the checkbox. If you want to install software for graphics and wi-fi hardware, etc.


4. Select whether you want to install Ubuntu alongside your Windows. or after formatting Windows.


// if you select “Erase disk and install Ubuntu” not only the C: partition will get formatted but also the other partitions as well. Means your whole hard disk will get erased.

5. Select partition size.


//any of your partition (C:, D:, etc) will be selected for partitioning. and left-hand side part is for Windows partition (parted area of a C:, D:, E:,etc drive given back to windows) and right-hand side part is for complete Ubuntu. You may resize it by sliding the middle dividing bar (white colored).

6. Hit “Install Now


//See the message and mind it. And only after you agree, proceed with it hit continue.

7. select your location.


8. Select keyboard language (already set by default).


9. Fill in the Details.


//computer name will come by default when you would start writing Your name.

10. The installation will start.


// It will take a few minutes.

11. Restart now.


// CAUTION:- do not eject the pen drive until you make sure that your OS is completely reboot and then again do shut down. Otherwise, ejecting it before may lead to errors in Booting afterward.

12. Do not eject pen drive yet. If menu is appearing while rebooting select “ubuntu” from it.

13. Once Ubuntu is opened successfully shut it down.

14. Only after complete shutdown “eject the USB Pen drive now”.

15. Turn on the machine once again. Select Ubuntu from booting menu. and Ubuntu will start flawlessly.

– Now you have successfully installed Ubuntu on your machine using a USB pen drive. Congratulations on that!

With this, we have reached the end of this Tutorial.

Writing soon… till then have a nice time and this, is GeekyShacklebolt

bidding you goodbye!

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