How to make a Bootable pen drive using Rufus?

Hello guys!
How’s your techie life going? And by the way, do you have an Operating System which you would like to replace or do you want to try another one, without making any hazard with your current OS.

If yes, then I would like to tell you and perhaps you must be knowing already about bootable devices and soft. Which may make a device bootable. Right? Even though there are number of such softwares available Online like UNetbootin, Universal USB Installer, or Windows 7 USB download tools, etc. I am going to discuss a specific one – The Rufus.

A bootable device: these devices can be used (as the name suggest) for booting. Using a bootable device you may try an Operating System, install it, run low-level utilities, and all.

Rufus: this is a software utility used to make a device bootable. If you want to know more about Rufus: go Here.

Now let’s see how you may create a USB bootable using Rufus…

– First let us install Rufus: from its official site HereHere.


//download from “Rufus 2.16” or any other version given.

– Extract file (if zipped).

// taking an e.i: Supposing you have a Windows Operating System and you want to install Linux say Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Before which you want to try it. And if it is found suitable then you would like to install it.

Conditions apply: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS needs at least nearby 10 GB of free space available in your any drive (in windows: c,d,e, etc, however, large space in C: drive partition is suitable not necessary).

– So, before we want to try Ubuntu using Rufus, we need an Operating System’s iso file. That you may get by-

            -> either just google “download Ubuntu iso” or

            -> go Here.


-> if Iso file is too large then you may try alternatives downloads options such as Torrentz file download Here. and select (32 bit/64 bit) according to your system.

– After Downloading “iso” file and Rufus you are left with only one thing that is exactly a device suitable to be made bootable. We will use UBS pen drive in this tutorial and I recommend you the same.


1. run rufus.exe


//here Rufus window is opened but it didn’t detect any device since we didn’t plug any. If we had plugged. Then Rufus is intelligent enough to detect it. Close this Rufus’ window and then…

2. plug in the pen drive.

3. format it.

4. run rufus.exe


//this time Rufus detects it (our USB drive). Now go the option having an icon of “disk” which says “click to select an image” shown in the image.

5. select iso file. //ubuntu-16.04.1-desktop-amd64   in my case.


//just browse to the iso file you downloaded and select it.

6.hit start. // a warning message related to formatting but come. But don’t worry proceed with it.


//processing will start. And within minutes it will be complete. Now just close this Rufus window.

Your bootable device is ready to run the OS you made it bootable.

7. Do not eject the bootable device (USB) now. And restart your computer.

8. by default it will boot from the newly created bootable device and will open the OS Ubuntu in my case.

9. as soon as the OS will bring to life. A window will ask you-


– whether you want to Install Ubuntu or Try Ubuntu. Go for Try Ubuntu. And try it without making any changes in your windows OS.

10. If you do not want to install it. Just shut down the OS.

// CAUTION:- do not eject the pen drive until you make sure that your OS in completely shut down. Otherwise ejecting it before, may lead to errors in Booting afterward.

11. But If you want to install it. Then you need to visit my next blog “How to install Ubuntu using a Bootable USB pen drive“.

See you in the next one, probably if you wish to continue.

Till then stay safe, and This, is GeekyShacklebolt

bidding you goodbye!

5 thoughts on “How to make a Bootable pen drive using Rufus?

  1. I did exactly as you said, but nothing changed on Lenovo ideapad 330S. It still keeps starting up with Windows 10. I tried both with rufus 2.12 and rufus 3.5.
    Would you please advise?
    Thank you very much in advance.


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