Basic terms in cloud services

Hello, and I hope this year Christmas has brought you up with lots of happy and cheerful moments!
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PyCon India 2017

Hey! You know what? I am super excited, particularly about this topic. Python Conference of India 2017 was a much-awaited event for me. Not only because it involves Open-Source contributions in DevSprints but also because it was going to be my first-time experience of PyCon. I know it was going to be great but, I was hardly mistaken. Because the moments I was going to experience, to justify them “great” is merely a word.

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Hello, Everybody! Few Month ago when I was introduced to Open-Source development and contributions. I had been enthralled with the thought about how should I start contributing? I had been looking for repositories to contribute here and there. But nothing was working as such. And soon it was the end week of October when I came across an event which promotes Open-Source contributions. That event was none other than the “Hacktoberfest” from where my first ever PRs were made. Continue reading “Hacktoberfest”