Hello, Everybody! Few Month ago when I was introduced to Open-Source development and contributions. I had been enthralled with the thought about how should I start contributing? I had been looking for repositories to contribute here and there. But nothing was working as such. And soon it was the end week of October when I came across an event which promotes Open-Source contributions. That event was none other than the “Hacktoberfest” from where my first ever PRs were made.

If you don’t know what Hacktoberfest is. Please visit here.

How to start contributing to Open Source is one the most troublesome question for a beginner. Some people say start contributing to documentation, other say start with simple bug fixes, there are a lot of suggestions for everyone from where to start? But my mentor suggested me to start contributing wherever I like, wherever I feel my skills fit suitable. With this advice when I come across Hacktoberfest, It felt like “Let’s go what are you waiting for!

Since it was already the last week of October I couldn’t waste more time now. And luckily an event was organized by an Open – Source club of my college regarding Hacktoberfest. I grabbed my laptop and headed towards the event, where we were given some repositories to select for contribution. I chose the repositories of my interest and started to work on it.

I contributed to UI in those repositories using HTML, CSS, and JS. And It was the first time ever I was working with these tools like this passion and collaboration. I successfully completed my 4 healthy Pull Requests of the event all were related to UI. You may see my PRs here.

Though I knew how to operate “git” but never before I used this tool while actual collaboration. Not only me, but other people were also contributing to that repository. So, before sending my PR it was mandatory to update my local fork with upstream. At that time I learned something called “Sync your folk” using git.

What I learned from the complete event?

  • Syncing your fork
  • Collaboration with couple of contributors
  • Sending healthy PRs and It gives us satisfaction when those PRs got merged
  • Started contributing

Once you start contributing to Open Source, believe me, there is no looking back. Therefore starting is the point which takes time. And In my case, “Hacktoberfest” proved to be the cause to put my hands into sending my initial PRs.

I thank Digital Ocean to organize such an event.
My Hacktoberfest T-shirt is on the way to my home! I am waiting to grab it.

See you in the next post, till then this, is GeekyShacklebolt

bidding you goodbye!

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