PyCon India 2017

Hey! You know what? I am super excited, particularly about this topic. Python Conference of India 2017 was a much-awaited event for me. Not only because it involves Open-Source contributions in DevSprints but also because it was going to be my first-time experience of PyCon. I know it was going to be great but, I was hardly mistaken. Because the moments I was going to experience, to justify them “great” is merely a word.

PyCon India DAY 1:

It was the first day for me in a PyCon. And as a norm, the conference was scheduled for 4 days. In which initial 2 days were dedicated to DevSprints and workshops and last 2 days were for Conferences and lightning talks. I and my friend (strorymode7) were before time waiting for the registrations to start. We planned to go for DevSprints only, and as soon as we were marked by registration department as attendees of DevSprints, we were informed that our breakfast is ready to grab.

And soon, after having our breakfast, we went to the targetted place for Dev-Sprints. There we volunteered a bit to arrange the room for the event and no sooner the Sprints started. On the first day, we had 4 mentors on the premises from 4 organizations namely: (i) CPython (ii) KDE (iii) Cloud-CV (iv) this last one wasn’t able to come. So we were left with 3 mentors. I found my interest in all of them.

Dev-Sprints were running at their regular pace. And I felt a strong feeling of “How less I know, and how much I have to learn!” we met with some amazing people of different culture and states and different native languages but one thing was common to all, that all of them were tech lovers.

We met with different mentors tried to learn something new and everything was going in fun. But still, I couldn’t come up with a worthy PR. And it was time for lunch. After taking the delicious food. We were back at the DevSprint hall. And finally, we get the repository to which we could contribute a PR. It was a PDF to Markdown problem in issues. We grabbed our suitable issues and started working on it.

Though I never worked with markdown before. But this was the time when I could learn and implement it. I successfully created the PR for my issue. It was pure fun and excitement I had never been felt before. You know, working on an issue on a bulky solution within a specific time limit. It was amazing!

By the time I did this work it was already 5pm and we were asked for the evening tea break which was the manifestation of “the end of Day 1”.

PyCon India Day 2:

The second-day registrations and breakfast were as usual. We straight went to the DevSprints hall. And again this day we had different mentors with different projects of different organizations. We were gathering knowledge from wherever we could get. There only for the first time, I learned how to successfully use “git rebase” and  “squashing concept”, we were meeting with different people but the most important, the DGPLUG community. I am gonna write a different post on How this community helped me, changed my perspective towards me, gave me the worthy knowledge of Open Source and many other things.

This day was going to be a bit different because we were informed that at 4pm we had a “volunteer meet”. We didn’t know what it is to volunteer in an all India event. But we went to give it a try. And this decision made all the difference.

At the volunteer meet we grabbed the opportunity to volunteer in PyCon India 2017 T-shirts distribution. And at the end of the day, we helped the volunteer team to prepare for the next day. Because tomorrow was going to be the first “Conference Day”.

PyCon India Day 3:

It was a conference day but we were preparing for the T-shirts distribution. The whole team was ready to distribute them by the first tea break. The whole day we were distributing the “T-Shirts” in chunks. It may sound you boring but that’s not the fact. While working as a volunteer we found ourselves to be much connected with the event. Also, we were able to remain in the vicinity of lead volunteers of the event.

We were distributing T-shirts. Conferences were going on. Hypertext hackathon was about to start. The aura of the entire premises was smothered with excitement and lovely people with stalls running and promoting their products and giving away stickers, swags and all. It was pure fun to see all that!

And when everything was already superb, we were informed that today a volunteer party is arranged in BBQ Pitampura. I was more than super excited! Believe me, from last 3 days I have been living with all tech people, I have been volunteering to an all India event, and now a volunteer party.

We went to the target place had our delicious meal. With fun, amazement and an exotic dinner, the third day was over.

PyCon India day 4:

It was the last day of the conference and were almost done with our task of T-shirts distribution. I also experienced to manage PyCon Pune stall. The last day was an amalgam of all the days. We lived most exciting moments there. I attended the last keynote. At the end of the event, there was “a closing ceremony” of PyCon India 2017.

People gave their feedback as they felt. All volunteers were acknowledged. Till now it was like a family, and with fun and selfies and excitement and all the possible adjective to reflect my zeal, the event was over! You may spot me at the extream “upper right corner” of the picture below.


Group photo of Volunteers


In the complete event:

  • I met with lots of tech lovers, new people.
  • contributed to open source.
  • get acquainted with different projects on GitHub.
  • volunteered for the event.
  • had an exotic dinner.
  • had a great time.

Hope I was able to explain my experience as much as possible though I am not sure because the experience was out of my ability to explain. Have a good day! And this, is GeekyShacklebolt

bidding you goodbye!

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