Why you should write a blog?

Hi, it’s been a while since I wrote my last post. Thus, feeling great to write after a long time! I was always curious about managing a blog and writing to it regularly because I was ever interested in the whole concept of writing a blog post. I mean self-learning a new topic all from the web and then summarizing your research in a blog post seems to be amazing, no? But when I started to write blogs I didn’t know most the benefits that were going to happen with me.

What is a blog?

Blogging, is the most lovely freelancing work I have experienced yet, like some of those win-win processes we enjoy. Technically a blog is a self-maintained and regularly updated website, it can be a professional blog or a personal blog like this one.

People of different culture and passions maintain different genres of blogs like traveling blogs, cousins, poetry or literature, social and those fantastic technical blogs. What I am most concerned with, is the same technical blog posts. So, if you want to explore what all the benefits associated with maintaining a blog, just go ahead!

You search and learn

In the course of writing a blog post, the first step is to research. We explore the web to acquire enough knowledge about the topic. And by default, while we do our research we don’t directly get what we want, so we go on exploring different sites for more and more content and this is the beauty. Because in searching only for one particular topic let’s say “blue-green deployment” you come across a lot of interesting things like “load balancers, EC2 instances, server-pools, etc.” So when we lead ourselves to a vigorous search of the topic, then in the course we learn so many different new terminologies and concepts.

Clears our concepts

A lot of times, I have experienced this, when I feel like that I know enough about a topic to write a blog. I just set myself to write and found a shocked me. Because though the feeling used to be “I know the topic” but the reality comes when I try to explain the same concept on a blog and get failed. Because if you can’t explain a concept in simple words, then it is the manifestation that you yourself aren’t completely clear on the topic. So, writing a blog post just clears your concept about the topic and you start feeling confident with it.

Prepares a learning log

Every day we learn something new and upgrade ourselves to a better version. It is common that we can’t learn and keep everything in our mind at the same time unless we fall into the genius’ category and I admit that I don’t belong to the one. So, maintaining a blog post over a long time creates a learning log of the things we have learned. What’s the use of it?
Suppose in future you found yourself amidst of the problem you have already solved in past and probably blogged about how did you cope up with. You may simply refer to your post and refresh your memory of what you did when you faced this problem in the past. Right? This is one of the most beneficial points about blogging.

Medium to share the knowledge

How much research a student does while writing a technical blog post as a summarized version of the topic, is a hard work. Therefore, blogging and sharing your prepared gist of the topic might be the most beautiful content for someone who is involved in the same process and researching for the same content. Therefore, blogging prove to be a marvelous medium to share one’s learning.

Learn to communicate in words

For those who don’t have English as their native language, writing a blog regularly makes yourself comfortable with the language and you learn how to communicate and use technical terminologies while explaining a topic. Communicating and making people understand a topic with your words and writing style is an art, which could be gradually learned with blogging.

Quality learning with team

While you are working in a group or team. And blogging about the same topic. Then cross reading all the blog post about the same topic broadens your view about the same. How? Because each of the team members might have read his/her content from different sources. So, you get the information from a number of sources precisely on your friends’ blog. Therefore, cross reading your team’s blog post just widens your knowledge.

Your portfolio

If you are a student and learning new technologies, programming languages development tools, etc. And maintaining your blog with regular updates of what you are learning and writing your experiences about how did you cope up with a problem you faced and explaining your passion and interest behaves like a manifestation of your involvement in an active student’s life, learning to become a developer. Then your blogs can become a self-explanatory portfolio about you that you never realize.

I hope you now know what is the real meaning of blogging, it is all about exploring the world, enhancing and learning skills, gaining knowledge and sharing the same to benefit others.

Update: While going through dgplug summer training 2018 programme I came to this amazing source so far: https://summertraining.readthedocs.io/en/latest/blogging.html

Let me know in the comments section below what are more benefits you have experienced in your life with blogging. See you soon in the next post!

Thanks for reading!

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