A new learning curve @dgplug

Hey all! I have been attending dgplug summer training this year. And it’s been a wonderful experience going on. I have attended all the sessions so far and could imagine the magnitude of knowledge I would be learning as the training continues. Let me tell you how this summer training is turning out to be a new learning curve for me.

I have already been learning prerequites to contribute in open source from CuriousLearner who informed me about that he started his journey in F/OSS with this summer training program. Soon, I also met with a lot of members of this group in PyCon India 2017. Since then I always wanted to attend live sessions of dgplug summer training. And on 17th June 2018, it started.

Day 1 was a complete zeal. I already knew about IRC and was a bit comfortable with it. But never before tried to communicate in a group of 250 people. Soon I started to like the textual discussions on IRC.

Each new day brings a new topic and we are learning regularly something new. My favorite session is the one when we discussed the security measures we should use while using internet and computers. Logs of the same can be found here.

Till now we have covered things like:

  • Communication guidelines
  • Touch Typing
  • Basic Linux Commands
  • Unix File Hierarchy Standard
  • Blogging
  • Using internet securely

We don’t just have normal sessions every day, but also some important guest lectures. Till now, 3 guest lectures are done.

I like guest lectures, and when they come and share their experience and show their insights on our questions, it’s absolutely phenomenal.

With this summer training, I am gradually learning how to use our internet safely and how to communicate professionally. My objective from this training is to learn as much as I can, and gradually start doing upstream contributions.

I would like to thank all the mentors available in #dgplug for running such a place where we can learn apart from our college’s limited and theoretical syllabus. Thank you so much!

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