My experience with Linux CLI

Hey! With this post, I am sharing my experience with Linux command line interface.

Before I learned about what is Linux and what is CLI, I couldn’t imagine myself working on a computer without any mouse and GUI. But, when I started learning Linux about a year ago, then CLI was something that sought my attention and I started to learn it.

Command by command my interest to operate a computer without any mouse and GUI was increasing rapidly, and I started feeling to learn more. It used to give me a geeky feeling, than using the GUI. I was learning gradually (still doing) to operate all those tasks via Terminal on Linux.

The first source I used to learn CLI was this.

And my first blog about CLI is available here.

I can say that working on CLI is really interesting and also enhances your production speed. I feel it as fun and like it. Gradually, I’m enhancing my skills to learn shell scripting and what is the difference between different shells their commands and all.

I encourage you to learn Linux CLI, if becoming a developer is your dream 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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