Who is GeekyShacklebolt?

Who is GeekyShacklebolt?

Hello! If you are reading this “about” page, then it wouldn’t be wrong to ascertain that you are equally puzzled, and inquisitive as me with this lengthy, unusual and a little hard to pronounce “GeekyShacklebolt!”, it’s my nick by the way. And I love my nick as much as I love my real one. But you would hardly be in need of my real name, you can always use my nick if anytime you need to.

Who am I?

I am an Artist, learning the Art of the subject I love, Technology. Information Technology to be more precise. New paradigms are evolving in the industry since its establishment. And I am on my way towards Open Source Contributions and the fantastic and fascinating world of FOSS. Not only these two platforms but I am interested in every sort of stuff that is directly or indirectly related to Programming, had it been web development, application development, soft. development, et., Programming is something for me as… I am just Passionate about. And definitely, I see my future in the industry as a developer and a contributor to the community.

I believe in sharing the knowledge, contributing to the communities I belong to, enhancing my skill set, and growing a healthy friend circle!

I am pursuing engineering in Information Techechnology, from Northern India Engineering College, affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi, India. And believe me, I am in love with the field!

Thank you for visiting. And yes, I will never mind if you keep visiting afterward. If you like the blogs and believe them as a healthy medium to share one’s learning. Stay tuned!

And this, is GeekyShacklebolt ( Shiva Saxena ), says a hearty welcome!

Catch more of me at thegeekyway.com