Basic terms in cloud services

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PyCon India 2017

Hey! You know what? I am super excited, particularly about this topic. Python Conference of India 2017 was a much-awaited event for me. Not only because it involves Open-Source contributions in DevSprints but also because it was going to be my first-time experience of PyCon. I know it was going to be great but, I was hardly mistaken. Because the moments I was going to experience, to justify them “great” is merely a word.

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Hello, Everybody! Few Month ago when I was introduced to Open-Source development and contributions. I had been enthralled with the thought about how should I start contributing? I had been looking for repositories to contribute here and there. But nothing was working as such. And soon it was the end week of October when I came across an event which promotes Open-Source contributions. That event was none other than the “Hacktoberfest” from where my first ever PRs were made. Continue reading “Hacktoberfest”

What is SSH?

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Well, A long way back I heard about something called “Telnet”. At that time I got to know that it is used for remote login. That’s it! The book didn’t describe how did “Telnet” work the way it is explained. And nor ever I got the fair idea of what actually this Telnet is. Recently when I searched for the fact that was not discussed in that book. And I got to know that this “Telnet” is no more usable.

What is remote login? what is Telnet? why don’t we use it now? and If we don’t use it then what do we use now instead? and how do we use that novelty? Let’s see guys you gonna dive into something called SSH.

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Data-Science Training Session

How was the day haan?

I hope it to be nice! But if say about me, it was pretty laborious and excited at the same time. The thing is that I recently completed a data science project which was given to me and my team by our data science trainer Mr. Manish Kumar Jain. And he is a superb man with marvelous skills and generosity let me tell you. And this reminds me that I haven’t written anything about my Industrial training to you guys. Right? Riiiight! So let me just walk you through the gist of my training sessions with this blog of mine. Ladies and gentlemen just fasten your seat belts to ride through my training sessions but only if you allow me by clicking the read more link below.

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How to run graphics.h in Ubuntu using g++

Aaah… I was just now wondering while running a program on Ubuntu terminal using g++ because the program included graphics.h and by default, it wasn’t available for g++ in the system. So my query was to run a graphics.h required a program on the terminal. And the question is finally resolved if you are facing the similar problem? then Continue reading “How to run graphics.h in Ubuntu using g++”