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How to view your website under development from laptop to mobile screen?

Greetings! A couple of times when I create front-end of websites, then I really feel the need of testing the look of UI on a mobile phone screen to check the responsiveness and to feel the live design. Although, Firefox and other browsers support Responsive Design Mode (Ctrl+Shift+M), but In this post I’m gonna tell you the best option (without using any external third party android or ios applications). Let’s get started.

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How to encrypt USB drives with LUKS

Hello readers! Ever thought about the risk of loosing your USB drive having important data? You surely don’t want others to get that data without your permission. Right? In this case, encrypting your USB device is a recommended way to keep a security layer. Keep reading for a simple tutorial to encrypt USB drives with LUKS.

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Failed to connect to lvmetad: booting issue [SOLVED]

I have gone through: “A connection to the bus can’t be made”
And: “ERROR No UMS support in radeon module!”
Now dealing with: “Failed to connect to lvmetad”
This trilogy has become a funny and an unexpected blog series on “A habit of Learning”. Let’s find out, do I get rid of these booting issues once and for all, or another error is keeping an eye on me? (Noooooo!) Continue reading “Failed to connect to lvmetad: booting issue [SOLVED]”