Basic terms in cloud services

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Coming back to the topic of this post, Oh! I couldn’t come up with a better title than this, to sum up, the gist of this post. Let’s go ahead. Continue reading “Basic terms in cloud services”


How to ask?

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Here is a piece of writing describing an art that is very much essential towards problem-solving approach and learning curve – “Art of Smart – Questioning”.

Whether you are a student being taught by a mentor, or a developer working in a company, or a technician, or a user of a software. Whether you are asking a question related to an error, a fault, a bug, a query, a review of code patch, etc. Then there are ways of asking and framing your question, there are ways of gaining pr-requisite knowledge regarding your problem, there are ways of doing homework. This blog points out the recommended steps while framing something called “smart – questions”. Continue reading “How to ask?”

Learn within days, why?

What I want to share sounds strange to some new Learners, but it is very much practical in our real life. And the best part is we never realize this, unless and until a clear picture of scenario going on in this very much real world than the one we get encountered in those theoretical textbooks kept in front of our eyes. What’s the point then?

“ This blog is what I have learned from and inspired by a fantastic article by Peter Norvig. Continue reading “Learn within days, why?”