What is SSH?

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Well, A long way back I heard about something called “Telnet”. At that time I got to know that it is used for remote login. That’s it! The book didn’t describe how did “Telnet” work the way it is explained. And nor ever I got the fair idea of what actually this Telnet is. Recently when I searched for the fact that was not discussed in that book. And I got to know that this “Telnet” is no more usable.

What is remote login? what is Telnet? why don’t we use it now? and If we don’t use it then what do we use now instead? and how do we use that novelty? Let’s see guys you gonna dive into something called SSH.

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The Internet Relay Chat – IRC

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How is your Smart Phone? Doing well? Very important in current coin. Right? We know that now most of us are using these smartphones that can do “Lots of Stuff”. I mean literally you can learn, teach, gather information, get entertained, online commerce, etc, etc just with the smartphone and a successful Internet connection. You can use your smartphone to do wonders. But tell me what was the basic objective to develop a mobile phone? We already know that too, that is of course to communicate.

But, If we go back in time when this I.T sector was becoming popular and was developing on its pre-stage level. What was the medium that was used by developers to communicate with each other, while working from different places? It was and It is none other than this Internet. Okay, we know the Internet is known to provide us with wonderful platforms helpful in the development of this I.T sector. So the question is simple, what is that platform which was used by and still in the use by the developers to communicate in a more productive and professional way. Let’s have a look then on one of the most powerful platforms available long since the online development was started, that is none other than The IRC, The Internet Relay Chat. Continue reading “The Internet Relay Chat – IRC”